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               Philosophy & Objectives

The basic philosophy of the Institute is based upon the need for Biblical background and practical experience in the lives of believers who desire to serve Christ in the ministry of the local church. It is the desire of New Mexico Bible Institute to provide the opportunity for a Bible education combined with practical experience for all those who are seeking it. To meet this need, we have established the following objectives:

  • To operate a non-denominational Bible Institute that concentrates on training people for ministry in the local church.
  • To develop a class schedule that meets the needs of students engaged in full or part-time employment.
  • To emphasize the practical training of the individual student in the ministries of the local church by means of a faculty dedicated to the ministry of the local church.

It is not within the objectives of the Bible Institute to provide courses of instruction in the fields of liberal arts education. Students who desire to pursue fields of occupation that demand a liberal arts degree should seek that training elsewhere.

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